I'm a software developer and creative from Nigeria, working with companies and people across the globe. I partner with software teams to execute and build scalable systems, with a strong focus on performance, usage, and accessibility using the best tools and techniques. I'm currently setting up Hakase Labs - a small collective of (distributed) designers and developers with a wealth of experience building digital products.

I'm focused and friendly. You can find me sharing my projects and contributing to open source on github, ranting on twitter, and sharing random thoughts on medium.

I publish content on software development on my blog, and run both 1:1 and offline mentoring sessions on Codementor.

I build APIs, microservices, and command line utils mostly in Go. I also have a good command of JavaScript/Node.js and PHP.
My frontend skills is only a handful, I can build frontend applications with React + Redux.
I have experience in building Decentrailzed Apps (DApps) on the blockchain, specifically the Stellar Network.
I use a lot of awesome tools and services like Slack, Git, Ansible, Vagrant to name a few.
Recently, I've been doing a lot of DevOps and microservices, with tools like AWS SQS, RabbitMQ, Docker, and a bit of IoT with Raspberry Pi.

When I'm not in front of a computer, or working on my next world domination plan (lol), you'll find me either trying to to finish a book, playing the violin or piano, or even at a GYM.

Have a look around this website, to see some of my previous client work or hire me.


Full Bio

I enjoy getting emails, feel free to send me one

Work & Projects

I do freelancing & contract work with Codementor, individual clients and companies/agencies. I am currently hacking with the team at AVIVA Media as a DevOps & backend engineer . I also spend some time building up personal projects.

Here are some nice things people have said about working with me :)

Francis is a knowledgeable and diligent developer. Anyone would be fortunate to work with him.

Tope O., CEO, Priase Farms

Francis sure doesn't come without a price tag. It's worth it. We couldn't have asked for a better experience.

Felicia Eze, CEO, Ticia's Pride Nigeria.