I join forces with design and software teams, helping them bring their ideas and prototypes to life. While building up products, I have a strong focus on performance, usage, and accessibility using the best tools and techniques. You can check out some of my previous work.

I love to build stuff. I want to help build stuff to change the world. If your company is working on a product that'll make people's life better, or you're building something that'll be the next best thing after sliced bread, and you need someone to help you bring that idea to life, I would love to help out.

If your team could benefit from the content I push at my Blog, and would like a streamlined workshop, I'd love to come in and spend a day with your team.

While I'm open for anyone to get in touch, in the interest of saving us all some time, here are some good reasons NOT to get in touch with me:

- Malicious Stuff. You want me to do something unethical - phishing attacks, brute force? Thanks. But no, thanks.
- You have a close deadline. I almost always have something at hand that I need to finish up before I start a new project. Before taking up a new project, there's usually a 1 week window between time of contact, and the time I'd start working on your project.
- You want to advertise on this website. I'm currently keeping my portfolio website ad-free. I only place ads on my blog.
- Hi your website needs an "SEO Expert". Thanks. But no thanks.

Still with me? I'd love to hear from you. Shoot me a mail on [email protected], the more details you include about your project, the faster I can get back to you.